What is different Gary's Choreography from others?

  • All of his choreography is based on blade movement and manipulations.  This is uniqueness of figure skating different from dance in floor.  Gary respect skating movement as its first priority. 
  • Extremely precise movement toward music.  >>>  More skater practice Gary's program, skaters can get better in choreography.  Skaters won't forget program.
  • ONE FOOT SKATING choreography >>> Through practicing Gary's choreography, skaters improve skating skills in one season.  Please look at your program.  Your program have a lot of two feet skating to do unnecessary upper body and arm movement.  Upper body and arm movement based choreography is such as "Disney commercial art" Gary call, and One foot skating choreography is "Picaso art" which is ultimate of this sports. 

Gary makes Choreography for any level

  • Gary's choreography is the best use for skaters wants to improve skating skills, speed, and consistency of jumps. 
  • Choreography based on music, so skaters can increase consistency of jumps without changing timing of take off
  • Depend on the level, he will create choreography with turns, steps and movement that skaters can do.  

Price List

Length of Program Price Hours On Ice Hours Off Ice
1 min  Euro 800  2 0.5
1.5 min  Euro 1200  3.5 0.5
2 min  Euro 1500  4 1
2.5 min  Euro 2000  5 2
Short Program  Euro 2500  6.5 2.5
3 min  Euro 2500  6.5 2.5
3.5 min  Euro 3000  6 to 7 hours 3 to 4 hours
4 min  Euro 3500  7 to 8 hours 3 to 4 hours
4.5 min  Euro 4000  8 to 9 hours 3 to 5 hours
Exivition Number  Euro 2500 – 5000  6 to 11 hours 2 to 3 hours
Group Choreograpy  Please ask for inquiery     

* If you don't have music, we are able to select and cut music with his professional music editing partner. The price range of music research and editing is depend on the level and length of skates in between 200 to 500 euro. 


* If skaters want to work Gary to make it better ( which some people call polishing programs), you will be charged regular private lesson price.   

Examples of Gary's work

  • Novice Advanced Long Program, 12 years old, 
  • Novice Program, 10 years old
  • Senior Long Program, 15 years old, 
  • Junior Long Program 13 years old, 
  • Adult Silver-3 Free skating program
  • Adult Silver-3 Artistic program
  • International Junior Men Sort program
  • Many ice shows choreography from 1980's to recent