I'm Your Man, Innsbruck Austria, November 26, 2016

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"I'm Your Man" Tour                                                      100 performance Challenge


You can Invite Gary to perform your ice arena!

  • Simply we need 10 minute+ Ice Time ---at competition, club practice, outside ice, anywhere.
  • Need some speaker system to play music.
  • Need some audience and possibly if you can prepare somebody to take this performance Video it would be nice.
  • Gary will skate by donations from audience which means no charge to invite Gary for event organizer.  Off course to cover his expense, it would be nice if you can organize Gary's Blade Master Seminars at the same city.
  • We don't want to make complicated and expensive to invite Gary to your ice arena to perform 100 performance. However, we know sometimes your facility, organization, city or etc... needs to get permissions to make it happen.  We can adjust any situations.  

We need donations for this tour

What you donating for?  Not for Gary, it is for skating culture reservations!

  1. Reserving next generations development of figure skating history of the fundamental and mathematical movement of skates by demonstrating blade movement and control
  2. Combinations of basic movement, skaters can learn how to make interesting choreography
  3. Educate skaters to use vocal music how to interpret in figure skating 
  4. Challenging physical and technical  excellence of Gary's 50 more years of figure skating training
  5. Be independent from figure skating politics and major broad casting market by holding this event as not-for-profit event

How you can support this legacy tour?

Please donate

  1. Cash --- Simply donate him money
  2. Airline Mileage ( Skyteam or StarAliance) --- Transfer your mileage to him.
  3. Order Gary's I'm Your Man performance video.  --- 10, 30 and 100 packages!
  4. Host this show in your local ice arena --- Pay ice, Gary's seminar fee, and bring participants and audience!
  5. Find cooperate sponsor for Gary --- Gary will be on company's TV commercial and advertisement

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