After over three decades, I began training figures again in preparation for the World Figure Championships. I find the endeavor to be much more challenging and beneficial than I expected. Figures require a degree of precision to really refine the skills and get a reality check. They demand attention to detail, accuracy of body alignment, and smoothness of motion to enhance overall skating skills.  



With great excitement, the WFC Organizing Team announces that Olympian Gary Beacom will compete in the 2016 World Figure Championship in Toronto!
"I am eager to take part in this prestigious event, which has attracted the interest of notable historical figures in the sport. The World Figure Championship has the potential to complement modern figure skating by focusing attention on the fundamental virtues of truth, beauty, and justice from which we have developed. The discipline of Figures will enhance mastery of glide and balance on the ice as well as encourage performance innovations.

Figures forms the geometrical and physics underpinning of technique on the ice of which we have lost sight in recent decades. The essence of skating technique involves an understanding of the law of conservation of angular momentum, which governs the relationship of speed, arc, lean, and rotation. It also refines body alignment and athletic posture. Better balance and control manifests itself in aesthetic positions, the curtailment of two foot skating, a sense of sustained rhythm and melodic integrity, and efficiency of motion. The tangible benefits of a return to Figure-Skating science are injury prevention, audience appreciation, and avoidance of politics that comes with better education.
I am very much aligned with the ideals and objectives of World Figure Sport and look forward to competing in the 2016 World Figure Championship in December at the North Toronto Memorial Arena!
It is my hope that I can inspire skaters from the spectrum of ages and levels to take part in this international event.  Figures do not require extreme exertion or risk, and are a valuable exercise irrespective of age, competitive aspirations, or experience."
See you in Toronto!
Gary Beacom
The World Figure Championship & Figure Festival is welcoming the world to join us on the ice in Toronto, Canada from December 19th – 23rd, 2016 at the North Toronto Memorial Arena.
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